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Garment making has always been a part of Charlotte’s life whether it was with knitting or sewing fabric. After taking her first quilting class she began producing high quality traditional quilts. However, her work soon evolved from traditional quilts to the creation of realistic floral and landscape pieces; using creative piecing and appliquéing techniques. Many of her quilts have been collected and enjoyed by friends and family. Charlotte’s floral and landscape quilt tops use such techniques as screen printing, painting, stamping, drawing with oil sticks & pencils, felting with wool roving, machine stitching, embroidery, and hand beading & stitching.


Charlotte’s energetic and enthusiasm help inspire her students to learn the art of quilting. When not in her studio in Oklahoma City, she travels to many venues presenting her latest quilting techniques and patterns. Charlotte’s love of quilting as well as the support of her family contributes to her continued motivation and enthusiasm. For the past fourteen  years Charlotte’s work has appeared in national and international exhibitions and has been featured in publications including the Quilter’s Newsletter. An article with photos has also been written for the On Track Magazine which is the official magazine of the International Machine Quilters Association. Keep an eye out for exciting new works from Charlotte in the future.




Charlotte Hickman

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